GoDaddy appoints Aman Bhutani as new CEO

Bet former CEO Blake Irving now wishes he hadn’t advocated for more H-1B job robber looter work visas.

Another American tech person run out of tech by invading takeover looters.

Americans build the companies, Indian Mafia moves in and steals them.

It’s happening all over the US.

GoDaddy’s tech support is infamously bad. Many of their support reps don’t understand basic network security such as PKI and SSH communications, and how servers are configured. Most of GoDaddy’s tech support people are themselves now Indian.

Many of GoDaddy’s shared web hosting and DB servers are misconfigured and some have SSL and SSH completely turned off.

Probe their Ubuntu configuration files and you’ll see an appaling lack of security.

All due to Indian Mafia taking over.

Another once great American tech company trashed into oblivion by IQ82 wannabe invaders from a country which can’t even pick up its own trash.
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