More Fake News About Jobs: Part 2 – Paul Craig Roberts

The real reason is the jobs that have not been offshored and still remain on US soil are now occupied by tens of millions of India Inc “global staffing company” workers.

LPR is now a meaningless statistic since the number ignores the % of American (local) workers to foreign invaders. The LPR only includes those counted in the “official” DOL employment stats and ignores the long-term unemployed, whom according to those stats, don’t exist, or don’t want jobs, when actually they do.

If the missing, invisible people not counted were included, the LPR would be much lower – probably somewhere around 65% or so – an abysmal number.

“There is another problem with the payroll jobs.  Although the figure is nonfarm and does not include imported agricultural labor, it does include immigrants on work visas, such as H-1B and L-1 visas.  This means that job gains in information technology and software engineering, for example, might be job gains for immigrants on work visas and not for American citizens”.


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