“Joining Infosys as a recent US graduate – avoid at all costs!” – Glassdoor poster

No one wants to work for cattle car human trafficker InfoSys.

As we all know, India Mafia operation InfoSys doesn’t hire Americans – only H-1Bs from India, which is a violation of Federal law and EEOC rules.

Zero enforcement.

Henchman Ravi Kumar needs to be arrested immediately for visa fraud.


“Infosys prides itself in being a diverse company – That is a lie. They bring all their employees from India on H1Bs and have no intention in becoming a US employer here. You will be the only US hire on a team of 10 H1Bs. Only recently did they begin hiring Americans en-mass because their abuse of H1Bs was uncovered and those H1B visas would be expiring. Americans serve as backup for the inevitable”.

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