El Paso Sheriff ‘Outraged’ After ‘Anglo Man Came Here to Kill Hispanics’ – Breitbart

But the truth of the matter is this shooting was in response to white Americans being targetted for removal in their own country.

The media loves to jump on + hype a white nationalist shooter, but it never ever reports on immigrants who are systematically targetting white Americans for removal from the economy – a bigger form of economic terrorism.

With the anti-white racism in the workplace all across America, it’s acutally surprising there hasn’t been more violence.

Where is the “outrage” over the decades-long, systematic, silent removal of white Americans in the US workplace all across America?


“El Paso County Sheriff Richard Wiles says he is “outraged” after “this Anglo man came here to kill Hispanics.” His comment came in a Facebook post after a man from Allen, Texas, traveled nearly nine hours to El Paso where he is now accused of killing 20 people and wounding 26 more”.

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