George P. Bush: ‘White Terrorists’ Are a ‘Real and Present Threat’ – Breitbart

But is terrorism only present in the form of physical violence in America?

What about economic terrorism?

What about white Americans being targetted for removal from the workplace for over 20 years?

Silent terrorism against white Americans has been going on in America for decades, but because it isn’t violent, it’s not seen as being as serious as physical violence.

Tens of millions of white Americans have been displaced from their jobs by foreign guest workers, and many Americans have been thrown into the streets by it.

If that isn’t terrorism, then what is?

Organized India Inc crime syndicates are a real and present threat too, but there’s never a peep out of any politician about them.

“Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush released a statement Saturday calling “white terrorists” a “real and present threat” in the wake of the El Paso, Texas, shooting and stressed that they should be defeated”.

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