Unregistered foreign agent Cory Booker Calls out Mitch McConnell: Demands Gun Control Vote

Just like clockwork, the foreign manipulation of America rolls on.

The staged shootings are being controlled by our enemies who seek to conquer us – namely China, India, Russia, Mexico.

The push for gun control is being orchestrated by our enemies so they can conquer us. Staged shootings manipulate the American people into going along.

Cory Booker, and almost all the other 2020 Democratic candidates are being funded and pushed by illegal unregistered PACs from India.

USIN-PAC and its leader, Sanjay Puri are backing almost all the Democratic candidates. Puri is an agent of the Modi gov’t of India.

Booker also hired an Indian-national campaign manager.

These candidates are puppets of foreign powers.


US Senator Cory Booker hires several Indian-Americans for his 2020 presidential bid


“US Senator Cory Booker has hired over a dozen Asian American Pacific Islanders, mostly Indian-Americans, for his 2020 presidential campaign which is said to be the largest among the Democratic aspirants.

The first African-American Senator from New Jersey, Booker, 50, announced his 2020 presidential bid on February 1″.

Times of India sure was quick to chime in on gun control.


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