American Holocaust – 6 Million Engineers Replaced By Low IQ Indians –

Forget Wal-Mart shootings or the so-called Holocaust in Germany in the 1930’s.

The genocide of American IT professionals in the US today is without precedent in American history.

What kind of a country allows the total destruction of its own engineering workforce?

Only a suicidal one.

The entire US engineering workforce is being systematically destroyed by our enemy, India.

Are you paying attention Mr. Trump?

As patriotmouse noted previously – if there are no American engineers left, who will build American defense products next time we get in a world war?

All Americans will pay the price then for the destruction of the American engineer.

“Like the death camps in Auschwitz and the Gas Chambers, the American Software Engineer has had to come to face the reality of the American Holocaust – the Death Camp system of replacing SIX MILLION AMERICAN engineers – brilliant hard working people – with low IQ savages from India. Three GAO studies found that most of these H-1B genociders had fake degrees and fake resumes. The hard work that American engineers did to get real degrees and real education in engineering means little. The Slag labor is cheaper and that’s all the MBAs care about. They slap themselves on the back and take their million dollar bonus home and buy a ferrari.

In silicon valley they are like piranhas feeding off the carcas. Now more than 80% of the engineers in America’s silicon valley are now Indians here on the H-1B genocide visa. No one cares”.

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