Another Indian CEO Cheats with H-1B Fraud, But Trump Doesn’t Care About the H-1B Genocide of American Software Engineers –

Trump continues to ignore his election promise to “End H-1B as a source of cheap labor and institute a policy of hiring Americans first, no exceptions”.

Nothing has changed. American software engineers continue to be genocided in their own country.

“Apparently Trump will take action on the H-1B visa once every last American software engineer is dead or homeless.  He lied and promised on his campaign he would end the massive cheating. But every year almost 500,000 Indians with fake degrees pour in, even IF THERE ARE NO JOBS FOR THEM. They sit here and wait to get picked up by a “curry farm” – a third party contractor who seeks to profit on them run by more Indians committing fraud.

The goal is to place them at a “curry den” which is a software department where 100% of the American engineers have been thrown out. For enough of a bribe, the new guy who is totally incompetent, will be taken in and covered for.

Trump had promised reform. So did Sessions. But once in power they did nothing.

We call it the GENOCIDE VISA because we have imported 5 million Indians with fake degrees yet only have 4 million tech jobs in America”.

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