Chakrabarti Given Spot in Harvard Over Whites So He Could Learn to Cheat –

Economic genocide of white Americans by foreign powers is the real reason for the violence in America.

“The Indian, the cheating, it goes hand in hand like pancakes and syrup!

This piece of shit Saikat Chakrabarti got a place in Harvard because he was brown skinned, and I can guarantee you dozens of whites were passed over for this piece of shit.

And how did he repay our country for that privilege? He cheated and began funnelling campaign contributions into 2 private slush fund accounts which could also accept large donations from a certain wealthy millionaire who pushed AOC to prominence”

One reason they do well in business is the fact that they have no morality center in their brains, like some of the sociociopath American CEOs”.

No wonder AOC dumped him real fast. She’s next for investigation, since she is, in fact, an unregistered foreign agent of the government of India.

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