DOJ – Tracy Resident Convicted of 21 Counts of “H-1B” Visa Fraud and Two Counts of Aggravated Identity Theft

Yes it’s that time again folks – the H-1B fraud and abuse arrest time.

As foreign powers continue to abuse our H-1B visa program, flood the US with fake engineers, and loot everything in sight as a consequence, more and more of them are being caught.

Kudos to DOJ for prosecuting, but the reality is: for every one caught, there are 1000s of them still running amok in the US and doing massive H-1B fraud every day.

India Inc “global staffing companies” are the biggest organized crime in the US today.

In this case the India Inc looter even stole a digital identity from Cisco Systems to make it look like the work was real.

Don’t put anything past the criminal thief nation of India.

“SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A federal jury convicted Abhijit Prasad, 52, of Tracy, of 21 counts of visa fraud and two counts of aggravated identity theft today. The case originated in Sacramento when the grand jury there indicted Prasad in 2016, but the case was ultimately tried in San Francisco following a court order transferring the case there.

Finally, the evidence at trial showed that Prasad fraudulently used the digital signature of a Cisco employee, who was not authorized to sign Cisco employment documents, to create a document that would leave the impression that two of the H-1B workers had an existing work project at Cisco. Prasad obtained two of the H-1B visas using this fraudulent document that purports to be a fully executed Cisco contract.“.

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