H-1B Secrecy Veil Torn Off as Trump Steps Up Targeting of Visas

And it’s about time too.

We will now finally have a federal requirement that will force India Inc illegal staffing companies to disclose whom they are hiring, and who is hiring them.

No more 95% Indian Mafia workers only placed at US tech companies.

That is illegal under EEOC rules, and India Incs know it.

Asian looters have been using the racist H-1B visa program as an industrial spy program for decades, without restriction.

Now America is finally waking up to the mass looting of US tech industries by foreign powers.

India is stealing our industries, and H-1B is the vehicle that allows it.

H-1B has been looting America for decades.

Finally the India Inc “global staffing company” fake resume, fraud looter tech worker shops are being exposed in the daylight.

Name ’em and shame ’em.

Now we just need to shut ’em down.


“Information technology staffing and consulting companies are heavy users of the H-1B visa program, but the names of companies where they place those foreign workers have always been confidential.

No longer.

The Labor Department, for the first time, has begun publishing the names of companies where H-1B holders are working, even if they’re employed by another company that provides staffing or consulting services. The public outing is the latest in a string of Trump administration policies targeting the specialty occupation visa program, which it sees as taking jobs away from Americans.

Release of the information may open up the client companies to more lawsuits—by both the government and American job applicants—claiming race or national-origin discrimination, as the vast majority of H-1B workers are from South Asia. Generally it’s been the direct employers, and not the clients, who’ve been targeted for litigation over discrimination and H-1B violations.

“This will be the most significant policy development in high-skill immigration of the year,” said Lynden Melmed of Berry, Appleman & Leiden in Washington.

Despite various Trump administration policies targeting the visa program, Blackwell says the business model persists, with whole IT departments and the jobs that go with them transferred to H-1B-dependent consulting companies and eventually offshored entirely.

Many members of Congress “have no clue about immigration,” Blackwell said. “It’s very, very hard to get people to listen to us.”.

That’s because most of them, like Zoe Lofgren are almost certainly taking $ from NASSCOM, India Incs, and US lobbying org Chamber of Commerce. Don’t think it’s not happening. Bribery is a way of life in India, and India has no qualms about buying US pols to do its bidding.

“The OFCCP already is pursuing a case against Oracle Corp., accusing the software giant of shorting women and minority workers $400 million and imposing an “extreme preference” for H-1B holders. Oracle denies the allegations and says they’re based on cherry-picked statistics.

But the “sad fact” is many U.S. workers “don’t have the skill sets to compete with foreign workers,” Pivec said”.

More lies.

Americans invented Silicon Valley and all the major US tech companies were built by Americans long before armies of India Inc takeover looters arrived.

Just look at all those foreign workers who built Apple. American tech workers need to sue Mary Pivec for defamation now. Defemation is a Federal crime.

Pivec is a liar and should be sued for defamation by American tech workers.

Immigratoin attorneys are out of business without armies of foreign looter workers to processand Pivec knows it.

If American tech workers don’t have the skills then why are they training the incoming H-1B inadmissible aliens?

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