Replacing 140 IQ American Engineers with 87 IQ Indians – American Psychosis –

Not to mention illegal.

Under Title 8 of US law, replacing American workers with foreign workers is always illegal.

But it goes on by the millions every day.

Nothing is done.

No law enforcement, no rule of law.


India loots us + makes out like bandits, and destroys our technology + industrial capacity in the process. Not a bad deception, for an enemy pretending to be our ally.

“For decades now we have replaced our high IQ innovative American engineers with low IQ abysmal engineers from India (and some from China). Three GAO studies found obvious rampant abuse especially fake degrees and resumes.

Things are bad out there. Really bad. And after 30 years of this American engineers have been utterly de-moralized.

But what about IIT, the most competitive university to get into in India. Well that’s only because ONE BILLION INDIANS are all trying to be software engineers.  Where does it rank in the world ranking of American Universities? Not even in the top 200.

Well I have this warning. The next time you need an Alan Turning to win the war, you won’t have him. Instead you’ll have Gunga Din who will go “Oh yes dis is de way” as he sips curry all day and does nothing.”

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