Snyder: China Is Extremely Angry, Now Considers The United States To Be Enemy #1 – Zero Hedge

China sure is upset its rigged easy-money, WTO-violating gravy train has been cut off.

Try inventing some new industries internally instead of stealing others’ then putting them out of business.

You’ve had a good 20-year run of looting, China.

Now the party’s over.

These reports just expose the real nature of Asians: violent, angry, criminal, brutal.

“Sadly, most Americans aren’t even paying much attention to these developments, but over in China everyone is talking about these things.  And of course the truth is that they aren’t just talking – the Chinese are absolutely seething with anger toward the U.S., and they aren’t afraid to express it“.

“No more do we talk about certain issues. We will also target you. We will bash you till your faces are covered with mud. We will bash you till you are left speechless.

Unfortunately, most Americans are completely and utterly clueless about what is going on, and so most of them are still convinced that everything is going to be just fine”.

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