Asian EB-5 looters manipulate US pols to flood ND

Yes, those manipulators from Asia even want to grab South Dakota from us.

Business used as an invasion + takeover mechanism continues unabated.

US corps. ship whole industries offshore, throwing millions of Americans in the streets to freeze to death, pols take backroom bribes from Asian mafia, Chamber of Commerce supresses US wages down down down, impoverishing Americans, then the same pols have to scramble to use foreign “investor” $ to try to “create jobs”.

All the while the Asian looters are over in Asia laughing at how easy it is to manipulate the dumb Americans.

If the moron pols hadn’t been taking all that backroom Asian cash to start with, none of this would be possible.

Rise and Fall of South Dakota: A Cautionary Tale for EB-5 Public Private Partnerships

“South Dakota’s EB-5 Program was, until recently, a showcase example of what State governments could do with the promise of capital investment from foreigners through the EB-5 visa program. 

What has transpired, though, is a potential warning to the other EB-5 Public Private Partnerships (PPP) that contract outside entities to raise capital and manage the investments of what can go wrong when the state exercises little to no controls, audits or oversight of the people and firms that it has contracted to promote investment, recruit investors and operate its Regional Centers to.

The South Dakota program had to date raised more capital than 90% of the designated EB-5 Visa Regional Centers, a long established track record and was a favorite among foreign agents and U.S. immigration attorneys because of the perception of the State’s involvement, has effectively shut down amidst federal and state investigations for “alleged misconduct” and the mysterious death of one of its principal architects”.

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