Brzezinski: Trump ‘Seems to Want’ White Nationalist Terror Attacks to Happen – Breitbart

No, the Clintons and leftist Silicon Valley CEOs started this when they gave away most US industries to Asia + flooded the US with tens of millions of H-1B workers – making it impossible for Americans to work in their own country.

“white nationalist terror attacks” are simply a normal response to invasion and takeover of white-built industries in America.

Asia can’t get away with mass looting of US industries forever without a handful of Americans finally standing up for their own country.

It’s amazing there has been such little violence.

This is why, Brzezinski:

Racist India Inc staffing companies only hire Indians, throwing all Americans out of jobs in their own country.

If tens of millions of Americans did to Asians in Asia what tens of millions of Asian guest workers and defamatory India Inc loot shops such as Azim Premji’s Wipro are doing to white Americans in America, Asians would be out in the streets murdering every white American they could find.

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