Another Indian worker sob story, this time in KY

No place is safe in America for American workers.

Amazingly, the Indian Mafia has even infiltrated Kentucky.

A job robber at a company there from India is crying about how she was let go. Another sooper dooper IT tech genius, according to the story.

Except that she probably entered the US on an H-1B visa illegally, got trained by an American, who was then kicked to the curb.

Originally they had all agreed to go home in 2002 when Y2K ended.

So why are they still here?

No one guarantees you a job in America.

And get this:

“Having immigrated from India, Riya, a project manager, and her husband Ram (not his real name), a computer scientist, had embarked on their version of the American dream. They bought a home and a car, had two children (who are both American citizens), and settled in with a supportive community of neighbors, colleagues and friends.

But then their dream became a nightmare”.

Why are temporary guest workers buying houses and cars in America? H-1B is not an immigration visa and never was intended to provide an “American Dream” to anyone.

Why do Indians think H-1B visas allow them to “settle” in the US?

And “The Indus Law Firm”?

How racist. Hindu supremacists.
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