Protesters including Indian-Americans, at White House condemn hate, gun violence, white supremacy

Oh, but when they do it, it’s ok.

“Indian-American” is itself a racist term.

They just can’t stand that a white man is back in the White House.

Indians stole Silicon Valley and most STEM jobs from the white male Americans who created it long ago. Silicon Valley is 90% OCCUPIED by Hindu-supremacists.

You can’t scream racism in a country you stole, and then practice racism and supremacy yourself.

What goes around comes around, or karma as they say in India.

Indian Mafia staffing companies such as InfoSys are the biggest hate groups in the US today. Worse than the KKK or Black Panthers.

Stealing Silicon Valley.

Hindu supremacist race groups.

Hindu economic terrorist “global staffing companies” only hire Indians. Totally racist, not to mention illegal under US EEOC laws.

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