Tech companies say they’re ready to fight white-nationalist ‘terror’ –

Except for one little thing: when it comes to US tech companies, there is no white nationalist terror. There is only anti-white H-1B mass terror on white Americans.

White Americans are merely demanding back the jobs and companies that they created, but which were stolen from them by the Indian Mafia + other Asians.

It’s called justice.

The only real tech terror in the US today is the mass H-1B industrial spy + replacement program driving tens of millions of Americans into the streets or into suicide.

You reap what you sow.

As correctly noted, the real reason is:

Why it matters: America has become dangerously white and only by shutting up and shutting down white supremacists can we complete the conversion to non-white rule and total white genocide“.

Silicon Valley was created by white Americans, but stolen by Asians.

Economic justice is not terrorism. Wholesale industrial theft is.

Indians – not white people – are the real supremacists, racists, and economic terrorists in America. How is it that in America millions of Y2K visa overstayers can get away with this kind of racism + economic terrorism on white Americans, who created Silicon Valley but there’s not even a peep out of the media? Will the MSM show you these pictures on TV every night? – and Indian-only racist economic terrorist thief group operating in the US. MSM won’t cover them, and DOJ/DOL won’t prosecute their EEOC violations.

India’s racist economic terrorism in the workplace.

India’s racist economic terrorism in the workplace.

India’s racist economic terrorism in the workplace.

100% Indians!

Indian-only racist economic terrorists over at

India Incs are the biggest organized crime in the US today.

India Inc staffing companies are anti-white terror companies.

As this photo shows, Silicon Valley was created by white Americans.

Stealing industries created by others is economic terrorism.

India Incs targeted white American engineers and stole Silicon Valley from them. If that isn’t economic terrorism, nothing is.

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