The American Worker: Hope, Fallacy of the Training, ‘Reskilling’ Shibboleth Meme – US Techworkers

“Mr. Furst pulls no punches in his indictment of the popular notion of retraining in the face of displacement. “Having performed challenging tech deployment and troubleshooting, and seen how my father did real high-tech precision custom work for NASA and Defense, I see how American technology acumen and know-how/can-do is being smothered, in part by the denigration of American workers when using the shibboleth memes of “retraining” and “reskilling” in order to deflect the awareness of the impact of all the foreign labor dumping into our country.

I know of no National Council for the American Worker meeting with President Trump and IT professionals/STEM workers. Nor I have I heard of any national strategy to help and restore displaced/bypassed American tech workers, such as myself and many other tech workers I know, many seasoned and experienced IT professionals, already doing the types of jobs for which training or being “re-skilled” is needed”.

That’s because neither Trump, nor Silicon Valley, nor the media wants anyone hearing about the H-1B horror stories or the mass invasion of illegal Indian Inc staffing companies driving Americans out of their jobs.

“I do know Francis Cissna, the former Director of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, met with tech workers in Florida in December 2017. As well, on April 18, 2019, Cissna hosted a “Buy American and Hire American Listening Session” – a great, and long overdue, meeting.

But Cissna was fired”.

Fired because Trump is just another globalist with a fake blowhard mouth. He just wanted to be president.

Can’t have anyone in the gov’t on the side of American tech workers as the Indian mafia now controls all STEM hiring in the US. Indian Mafia dictates our gov’t and its actions now, now the American people.

They got rid of Jeff Sessions too because he was for the American worker.

Just ask illegal unregistered foreign agent Shalabh Kumar of the illegal foreign PAC, shown in the photos below manipulating the US gov’t.

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