Great Migration: Wealthy Gen X-ers Are Moving To These States – Zero Hedge

Gen X-ers – who built modern Silicon Valley, video games, and most computer tech we use today are fleeing to the southern states – one, because the Indian Mafia hasn’t invaded it yet, and two, because of the affordability.

No one wants to live in places like CA or NY anymore – anti-white racism is rampant there, and sane Gen X’ers are getting wise.

TX has long been a fave, with lots of jobs + no state income tax.

A little to the west of that, places such as AZ are at the tail end of the list of states – most likely due to its unbearable summers.

NJ, of course, was invaded and taken over by the India Inc mafia long ago. Americans simply cannot find jobs there any more as a result.

Baby boomers, ages 55-75, have long been migrating to Southern states as they enter retirement years. Now a new study shows wealthy Generation X, ages 40-54, are doing much of the same., a financial technology company that operates a website that offers financial advice, published a new study reveals how wealthy Gen X-ers are moving to Southern states”.

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