Rashid Premji, NASSCOM try to hide India’s racist takeover of H-1B visas

The India Inc looters are clearly in panic mode now.

Due to this blog, and other sites such as Breitbart exposing the totally racist way India Inc staffing companies have taken over and monopolize the US H-1B visa programs

Rashid’s pop, Azim Premji, founder of Indian Mafia looter failureshop Wipro went on MSNBC years ago defaming US tech workers by saying “America does not have the talent” – even though it is Americans, not Indians, who built Silicon Valley.

Now the thieves are in damage control mode as word has gotten out all over the net about how racist the India Inc staffing companies are.

Sorry Rashid, but all the evidence says you, and NASSCOM, are lying.

GAO reports, other sites, and a host of evidence prove H-1B is 70-80% dominated by India (the GAO figure put it at 74%, but that was years ago).

Silicon Valley, built by Americans, is now 90% Indian occupied.

The jig is up India – the whole world knows full well what you are doing.

No wonder the Trump admin plans to limit H-1Bs to 15% Indians.

These racist thieves have had their run of the US STEM job market for over 2 decades.

The article contains numerous lies.

It also reveals how India Incs scheme and manipulate US law to suit their interests. Instead of H-1Bs, India Incs will simply illegally use L-1 intracompany transfer visas, on which there is no annual limit.

Also note how the article doesn’t even try to hide the fact that NASSCOM engages in foreign lobbying of the US gov’t.

NASSCOM are illegal unregistered foreign agents, which are illegal under US law unless NASSCOM exposes that fact, in all communications.

All sorts of other subtle lies from looter Premji: $20 billion in taxes is a drop in the bucket. No doubt Wipro hires “100,000’s of people”, but whom are they hiring: answer: mostly Indians. And those foreign workers remit all their pay right back to India instead of saving and investing in the local economy. One of the biggest reasons for economic decline in America is remittances.

We may not be able to “wish that away”, but we sure can use Federal law such as Title 8, and EEOC rules to put a stop to the racist hiring Wipro is engaged in. Far from helping local economies, India Incs harm them. They throw Americans out of good jobs, move those jobs back to India, and remit their pay out of the US while on US soil.

Talk all you want Premji, Americans now know the truth.

USA had a massive tax surplus in 1998. But when high-paid American workers were thrown to the curb, that tax base dried up. L-1 visa holders don’t pay any US income taxes. US is $22 trillion in debt because American taxpayers have been thrown out of good jobs.

The article goes on to ask why haven’t India Incs become product companies, why aren’t India Inc staffing companies as good as Accenture, etc…

You’re not a “net hirer of people” if all you are doing is bringing in foreign workers and replacing Americans with them.

We all know why: these people are faking fraud looters in suits, and that’s all they are.


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