Acting Labor Secretary Has a Terrible Immigration Policy Background – CIS

Well how convenient for globalists and invading India Inc mafia staffing agencies.

Zero immigration employment enforcement from DOL, as usual.

Why do the American people even keep this usless smouldering hulk of an agency around wasting taxpayer $, but doing nothing?

Shut DOL down and give the entire budget to homeless Americans instead.

“By David North on August 12, 2019

Acting Secretary of Labor Patrick Pizzella, a former associate of the notorious lobbyist Jack Abramoff, has a terrible immigration policy background.

Pizzella, the deputy secretary, moved up to the acting head of the department when the Trump administration dumped Secretary Alex Acosta, the only Latino in the cabinet, on the grounds that years earlier, as a U.S. attorney, Acosta had been too lenient in sentencing financier Jeffrey Epstein for sex crimes; Epstein recently died in a federal prison”.

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