Chinese Army Preparing For Hong Kong Invasion – Zero Hedge

In Hong Kong, the people don’t mess around. When they see something being taken away from them, they riot en massé.

Not in America where entire industries are stolen from Americans on their own soil by India Inc H-1Bs and Chinese industrial spies – and not a peep out of anyone.

Looks like the CCP goons will have to apply the boot to the face once again to put this one down.

Huxley was right – “If you want a vision of the future, picture a boot stepping on a human face”.

What’s next? Half-Life 2-style goon squad street patrols everywhere.

According to CCP goons, all protestors are “terrorists”. How can 100,000 ordinary citizens demanding the laws in their own country not be changed be called “terrorists”? Rather, it’s the CCP jackboots who are the real terrorists in China.

The world is on the brink of losing its freedom everywhere.

Hong Kong On The Edge: Chinese Troops Gather In Shenzen; 100s Of Flights Cancelled Over Protester “Terrorism”

CCP State Media: Hong Kong Protests Are U.S. ‘Warfare’ Tactic Against China

“The People’s Daily does not deviate from Chinese government opinions. Its column accusing American officials of deliberately emboldening pro-democracy protesters in the southern autonomous city was published in tandem with yet another rant from Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying accusing Hong Kong protesters of being American puppets, not a legitimate representation of the sentiments of the people of the city”.

Ah yes, that old “Look over there!” tactic of the Communist Chinese. Just like they blame the west for “China’s century of humiliation”, even though it was Mao’s repression and starvation of his own people who caused that problem in China during much of the 20th century.

It must be the US, because, by gosh, it couldn’t be the CCP’s own manipulation of HK law and repression of its people under such that is the real cause of the protests, now could it?

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