More proof US gun-grabbing is really about Asians conquering white people

Asians sure are chomping at the bit to conquer and take over America.

We’ve seen the rampant anti-white racism in Silicon Valley and in most STEM jobs in America – Indian Mafia + jealous Chinese workers desperate to get every last white American tech worker they can out of jobs in the US.

Now the Taipei Times is blaming “gun violence” on whiteness.

It was gun violence and whiteness that created America, and America in turn created the modern world and most industry in it as we know it today.

So be careful whom you demonize there Taiwan, or that Big Red Dragon next door might just eat you alive.

Most Americans are totally unaware that China is already more than militarily powerful enough to take America. The only thing stopping them now is our guns. Once they are gone, America will fall to China.

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