Paul Craig Roberts Slams Dems & Western Media: “It’s Open Season On All White People”

Of course it is. The rest of the world has been trying to get rid of white people for at least 30 years.

It’s war on White America.

Mostly from Asians, but also Muslims due to America’s wars in muslim countries – and from Mexico and other socialist hellholes in C. and S. America.

Mr. Roberts should take a trip out to Silicon Valley, which was built by white people, but invaded and taken over by Asian looters long ago.

The question naturally arises, to achieve such an uniformity of response from the Western world, who organized it?  How was the explanation that blames Trump ready at hand all over the US, UK, Europe, Canada and Australia, the minute the shooting occurred? Does it remind you of the BCC announcing the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 a half hour before it occurred?”


The answer, of course, is quite simple: globalist communists, and our arch frenemies, China, and India. Both China + India deeply hate white people for a variety of historical reasons – British rule, The Opium Wars, keeping them out of the world economy since the end of WW2. These people hate America and want to destroy + surpass us. That’s why both nations are so busy stealing all our industries via the H-1B industrial spy program.

Asians are terrified they will be ejected from the US and all the good tech jobs be given back to Americans. What would Asians do then? Invent the next Apple?

Not likely – and Asians know it.

Asia lives off America like a parasite. The gravy train is about to be cut off.

Most Americans are totally unaware China is already more than ready to come to the US and conquer us militarilty. All they need in order to do so is to get our guns. These shootings were staged, by our enemies, to convince the American public that we need to get rid of all our guns now.

Don’t be fooled America, don’t fall into the trap of our enemies.

Mr. Roberts continues:

“As the presstitutes speak with one voice, little wonder that some of the few and diminishing number of Americans still capable of thought conclude that the El Paso shooting was an orchestrated event designed to discredit Trump and to abolish the 2nd Amendment.  We have long known about CIA mind control programs.  Many experts believe that Sirhan Sirhan, the alleged assassin of Robert Kennedy, was a product of the CIA’s mind control program”.


The fact is most US media is now under the control of foreign powers, thanks to the fact that in the US, anyone can hire a PR agency and get anything on the “news”. Even our enemies can. And that is exactly what is going on in this case.

The only reason “white nationalist terror” exists in the US – if you can call it that – is because of the 3 decades of anti-white economic terror on white people in their own country by other races – as the following photos prove.

Michelle Goldberg of NY is just as big of an economic race terrorist as Trump is.

All those “white American people” are merely demanding back what was stolen from them by foreign predatory invaders. That’s not terrorism, that’s called justice.

Asian economic terrorists stole Silicon Valley from white Americans.

The real economic terrorists in America are the India Inc Mafia. They violate US laws with impunity and only hire Indians. Indian KKK.

Why hasn’t anyone called out racist Michelle Goldberg as an anti-white KKK Nazi. She doesn’t even try to hide it.

Clearly in the Western media and US Democratic Party it is open season on all white people.  The most intense hatred is expressed against them—even calls for their extermination—and it doesn’t qualify as hate speech or encouraging violence.

The hatred and demonization of white people in America is no different from the propaganda against Jews in the Third Reich.  Yet not a single member of the Democratic Party or American print, TV, and NPR radio protests.

That fact tells us all we need to know.  If white people don’t get organized and defend themselves there is likely to be a white holocaust”.

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