Pentagon report shows how restricted Chinese IT products enter US military networks

Ooops. Maybe that outsourcing thing wasn’t such a good idea to begin with.

All of this, of course, is enabled by the H-1B industrial spy program.

None of this would be possible if China was not able to get its industrial spies and agents into our companies to begin with.

Is the US gov’t even aware of the link between H-1B visas and foreign corporate espionage?

“A Department of Defense Inspector General report released on July 30 found that more than 9,000 commercially available information technology products purchased in fiscal year 2018 — costing at least $32.8 million — could be used to spy, surveille, or sabotage US military personnel and facilities. In contrast to traditional DoD processes for large acquisitions such as weapon systems, aircraft, and command and control systems, these purchases were made via Government Purchase Cards which are intended to simplify procurement of less than $10,000″.

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