Trump admin announces rule that could limit legal immigration

“Washington (CNN) The Trump administration released a regulation Monday that could dramatically cut the number of legal immigrants allowed to enter and stay in the US by making it easier to reject green card and visa applications. Paired with last week’s enforcement raids on food processing plants in Mississippi, Monday’s announcement amounts to a concerted effort by the administration to limit legal immigration and crack down on illegal immigration. The rule means many green card and visa applicants could be turned down if they have low incomes or little education, and have used benefits such as most forms of Medicaid, food stamps, and housing vouchers, because they’d be deemed more likely to need government assistance in the future”.

Well then, that rules out almost all H-1Bs since the vast majority of them enter the US on fake resumes, and without the “special skills” claimed for H-1Bs, then get trained by American workers.

No more green cards for you, India.

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