Big Tech, Big Banks Use Outsourcing Firms to Import Thousands of H-1B Foreign Workers – Breitbart

Both Silicon Valley, and most Wall St. + banking companies were taken over long ago by the Indian Mafia “global staffing agencies”.

In fact, outsourcing to the India Inc failureshops was the cause of both the 2002 and the 2008 economic collapses in the US.

In fact, Lehman, which died in the 2008 collapse had outsourced heavily to Looter failureshop Wipro, run by criminal defamer Azim Premji, and his now NASSCOM-head looting son, Rashid.

Many wester companies have been destroyed by outsourcing to the India Inc looters. Boeing, Rolls Royce, Lehman, Citibank, Bear Sterns, PG+E, and a host of others have been harmed by cheap labor outsourcing. In Boeing’s case, people have died as a result.

In the 2002 collapse, US companies such as Sun Micro were destroyed entirely by the Indian Mafia.

B of A programmer Kevin Flannagan comitted suicide years ago in B of A’s parking lot due to the Indian Mafia.

Other Americans have also died as a result.

Our banks + Wall St companies are full of Indian Mafia now, and Silicon Valley, created by Americans, is now 85%-90% Indians.

How can this even be possible in the US with EEOC laws, race in hiring discrimination laws, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and Title 8?

Nothing has been done to stop this racist takeover of America by the Indian Mafia.

DHS – silent.

DOL – Silent.

DOJ – Silent.

FBI – Silent.

Trump – Silent.

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