Chinese Communist Espionage: An Intelligence Primer Hardcover

Several great new books are coming out in Sept-Nov. 2019 – including one by Bill Gertz – the author who exposed the Clintons’ giving away our national secrets + industry to India + China.

We’ve created a monster.

“The United States’ approach to China since the Communist regime in Beijing began the period of reform and opening in the 1980s was based on a promise that trade and engagement with China would result in a peaceful, democratic state.

Forty years later the hope of producing a benign People’s Republic of China utterly failed. The Communist Party of China deceived the West into believing that the its system and the Party-ruled People’s Liberation Army were peaceful and posed no threat. In fact, these misguided policies produced the emergence of a 21st Century Evil Empire even more dangerous than a Cold War version in the Soviet Union”.

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