Tackle the factors that make India uncompetitive, long-term growth’s greatest threat – Swaminomics


We thought India was the world’s “innovation hub” and Americans were too dumb to do IT?

Now here we have Mr. Takeover himself admiting India is uncompetitive.

“The Indian economy keeps sliding downward. GDP decelerated steadily from 8.2% in the first quarter of 2018-19 to 5.8% in the last quarter. Is this a short-term blip, or a deeper, more serious structural problem? The correct answer is ‘both’. The combined impact will mean maybe no more than 5.5-6% growth in 2019-20, against the officially projected 7.5%”.

That’s because India’s “economy” – its real, growth econ is based entirely on sending millions of of its faking fraud looters on work visas to the west to siphon western companies dry.

Once you cut off their visas, send them home, and stop their remittances from the west, down they go.

You might actually try inventing something or producing some real products or work, there Mr. Swaminomics. That might do the trick – instead of just scamming the hell out of everyone else.

India is a country based on frauds + scams.

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