The American Worker: Hope, Fallacy of the Training, ‘Reskilling’ Shibboleth Meme – US Techworkers

“In July 2018, President Trump announced an initiative to train and “reskill” Americans for jobs. Hey, I believed him when he declared Buy American, Hire American in April 2017. Why not this?

The announcement stated:

“Now, President Trump has signed an Executive Order to establish the National Council for the American Worker. Comprised of senior Administration officials, the Council is charged with developing a National strategy for training and retraining the workers needed across high-demand industries. The group will convene voices from the public, private, education, labor, and not-for-profit sectors to enhance employment opportunities for Americans of all ages.”

I know of no National Council for the American Worker meeting with President Trump and IT professionals/STEM workers. Nor I have I heard of any national strategy to help and restore displaced/bypassed American tech workers, such as myself and many other tech workers I know, many seasoned and experienced IT professionals, already doing the types of jobs for which training or being “re-skilled” is needed”.

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