French hacker who found Aadhaar bugs hints Indian developers can’t code, can’t think – India Today

“When it comes to patriotism, Indians don’t back off without justifying the statement and coming up with supportive sentiments. That’s why when French hacker Robert Baptiste, who also goes by the name of the Elliot Alderson on Twitter, gave out his opinion on what he felt about Indian developers as a whole, the Indian Twitter media responded mostly with mixed views. But why the tweets of Baptiste matter? Because he is the person who found bugs in India’s massive Aadhaar project and challenged UIDAI. His views apparently do matter.

Alderson talked about the poor coding capabilities of Indian developers and stuck to his argument even when people started giving their own views on his tweet. This eventually became a thread where several kinds of views came up either in support for the Indian developers or for opposing AIderson’s point of view”.

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