Zuckerberg’s Group Lobbies Georgia GOP for More Low-Wage Labor – Breitbart

Wage-fixing is a Federal crime. Why hasn’t Zuckerberg been arrested yet?

A million US jobs a year lost to foreign workers, folks. No wonder Americans still can’t find jobs.


“Zuckerberg’s FWD.us lobbying group quickly endorsed Payne’s praise of cheap illegal labor:

Immigrants continuously serve as the foundation of our nation’s growth & success. Thank you @Chuck_Payne for supporting @FWDus Georgia office’s two-year anniversary & recognizing the power that comes when immigrants are seen, heard, and able to contribute. https://t.co/YAXkg6V17E

— FWD.us (@FWDus) August 7, 2019

FWD.us was created by West Coast billionaire investors — including Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg — to preserve the annual inflow of roughly one million new legal immigrants. Investors value the migrants because they reduce the cost of workers and raise overall spending on housing, products, and services such as food delivery.

For example, the group is urging the Senate to pass the S.386 legislation, which would provide roughly 100,000 green cards to Indian graduates (and their families) who take white-collar jobs in the United States at low wages for long hours and are treated poorly. FWD.us has also lobbied for cheap labor in New York and Colorado, as well as in universities”.

The excessive demand spike in housing the flood of immigrants is causing is the prime reason most Americans can no longer afford a single family home.

Did Zuck + FWD.us consider that?

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