Effects of Foreign Multinationals on Workers and Firms in the United States


“We find the average direct effect of a foreign multinational firm on its U.S. workers is a 7 percent increase in wages. This premium is larger for higher skilled workers and for the employees of firms from high GDP per capita countries”.

Absolutely not true. Not in the US, at least.

Wages for US engineers have been stagnant or have actually gone down since the great foreign workers invasion of 1998 20 years ago.

A US engineer back then made over $140K, but today, may only make $100K. Or in the case of Electronics for Imaging, $1.21/hr.

This paper is almost certainly a paid-for PR stunt by NASSCOM and India Inc, to convince Americans invasion raises their wages, when the opposite is really happening.

Foreign workers are driving down wages across the board and Mr. Alan Greenspan knows it.

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