Are foreigners taking away jobs from Americans?

Of course they are.

And delusional Indian IT workers don’t even know the history of Silicon Valley.

Armies of H-1B India Inc staffing companies are targetting and driving Americans out of jobs everywhere.

Prashant Saikia, Have tried out 4 different jobs in 4 different industriesAnswered Jun 22, 2017

If the locals wouldn’t get the job even if foreigners are removed from the country, would you still call it stealing? What job would an average American that didn’t study STEM in college get? I’m sure there are plenty of McDonald’s jobs available, so this complaining can’t be about that”.

No, we built Silicon Valley long before you looters arrived. The US was booming before you got here. Everything you have you took from Americans in America who worked to earn it.

Americans make, India takes.

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