Infosys whistleblower: H-1B workers have minimal skills

TruIgnoranceisBliss · 4 years ago

“Intel, They have more H1B’S than you can imagine.. H1B’s are managers, people with authority that have no business, skills or knowledge to be in the position. Source, I worked for Intel for ~3.5 years and my direct manager was an H1B who should have never been promotedI will never work for Intel again unless they change their ways… (which they wont.)

Corporations want people who will do more for less, to provide them with a desperate work-force who will do anything for nothing”.

No wonder the US econ has problems – we are throwing away our best American engineers and replacing them with morons from India where the average IQ is 82 – borderline retarded.

H-1B workers replacing Americans have minimal skills: Infosys whistleblower

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