Mashable India Inc writer: ‘If you really want to put ‘America First,’ support tech industry immigrants’

We’ll we’ve given you 20 years to perform and you haven’t.

No one “promised” you anything.

The original agreement in 1998 was you would be here for Y2K temporarily, then leave.

We don’t know where you got the idea you were “welcome” here forever + to take over Silicon Valley + kick Americans into the streets.

The tech industry in America was created by Americans, not immigrants.

“We’d be canceling all the plans we’d made — plans based on a promise that we were welcome.”

Shouldn’t have made any plans, given that you entered on a TEMPORARY GUEST work visa. And no one promised you anything.

You were welcome until your brought your total Nazi racism here and removed every American you could from the tech workforce. Be thankful America has tolerated your crimes on them this long.

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