N.J. Gov. Phil Murphy to lead economic mission to India to strengthen business ties

Another junket to India by a US pol.

“Strengthen business ties” generally means taking foreign lobbying cash, agreeing to sellout American workers to foreign powers, and generally betray the country they are supposed to represent.

The Clintons got caught red-handed doing the same thing in the late 1990’s with India.

Asian Indian Chamber of Commerce (AICC) – Talk about racist + bigoted.

Indians are borderline Nazi mentality.

Special protection under the law is forbidden by the US Constitution.

What won’t we put up with from our pols?


“New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy will lead a seven-day, six-city economic mission to India, one of the state’s largest trade and investment partners, in September to strengthen economic ties, among other goals.

The announcement was made at a luncheon hosted by the Asian Indian Chamber of Commerce (AICC), which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, according to a July 16 chamber press release”.

“The AICC has evolved to meet the need for entrepreneurial leadership in the Asian Indian business community. It organizes and supports business expos, nonprofit cultural events, business and educational symposiums and humanitarian causes”.

Excluding everyone else, of course.

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