Top 10 Cases of Chinese IP Theft

Both China + India are robbing us blind via the H-1B industrial spy program.

As both Apple + Tesla found out, Asian workers in US tech companies on work visas are stealing most of our tech to move back to Asia and put us out of business.

Wake up America – all foreign guest worker visas must be ended now.

They even stole the formula to the Oreo Cookie filling.

“In 2014, federal prosecutors launched an industrial espionage case by showing the jury an Oreo, the famous Nabisco cookie. The white Oreo cream filling uses the chemical titanium dioxide (TiO2) to achieve that brilliant white color.  Automotive paint and hundreds of other industrial products use TiO2, making it a highly valuable chemical. American manufacturer Dupont has long had a world-leading proprietary multi-stage process for producing titanium dioxide.  In 2012, chemical engineer Walter Liew was charged with secretly conspiring to steal Dupont technology over the course of 14 years for the benefit of Chinese chemical manufacturers.

According to a detailed reportin Bloomberg Business Week, in 1991, Liew met senior Chinese Communist Party official Luo Gan, who thanked him for being a “patriotic overseas Chinese” and began to send him “directives” describing China’s industrial aims.  Liew was born in Malaysia of Chinese parentage, moved to the US to study at University of Oklahoma in the early 1980s, and became a US citizen in the 1990s. According to federal prosecutors, “with Mr. Luo’s directives to Mr. Liew, so began a 20-year course of conduct of lying, cheating, and stealing.

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