Wipro lobbyist highlights India’s contribution to American job creation

More lies from failureshop and criminal defamer Wipro.

Wipro and other India Incs are looting jobs out of the US and moving them back to India, once they get trained here.

India Incs are not creating new jobs, they’re stealing our jobs.

They are the prime reason for homelessness in America.

Wirpo founder Azim Premji even once went on MSNBC saying “America does not have the talent” – even though Americans built Silicon Valley.

We need to end all foreign lobbying in the US now.


“WASHINGTON, D.C.—Kapil ‘Kap’ Sharma, former senior Congressional staffer and currently vice president for Government and Public Affairs, North America for tech giant Wipro, who is arguably the most influential Indian American lobbyist in D.C., strongly believes that it’s time for the Indian American community to get over its hangover about what the U.S. can do for India, and instead aggressively quantify the contributions of Indian companies and Indian Americans that are now an integral part of the U.S. economy — from job creation to uplifting rural communities, particularly in flyover states”.

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