Yang: Universal Basic Income Will Cause Americans to ‘Work Even Harder’ – Breitbart

Reminds of us of twice-failed “tech entrepreneur” and CEO Vivek Wadhwa years ago trying to tell us H-1Bs were good for America since it made Americnas work harder and smarter.

Yang is most likely an unregistered foreign agent of the Communist Party of China.

Americans are done working hard just so other nations can take over and steal all the industries they created.

The CCP sure is worried Americans are finally catching on to their mass industrial theft – so now they’ve sent one of their agents to America to try to placate the people they robbed.

The jig is up Yang, we know full well what you’re up to.

Free $ socialism will likely bankrupt the US gov’t even faster.

Now get to work slaves! We have some more industries to export to China for free!


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