CA’s Homeless Crisis Pushes Business Owner Out – Breitbart

Tens of millions of foreign guest workers have not kept the CA econ going as promised. 20 years of invasion and takeover by India Inc mafia staffing companies has driven tens of thousands of Americans into the streets. CA is so bad now, even business owners are fleeing.

Why does the US continue to import foreign workers who do not deliver?

“Sacramento salon owner Elizabeth Novak addressed an irate video to California Governor Gavin Newsom over the state’s homeless crisis.

“This video is for Gavin Newsom,” Novak began. “I’m going to wait for a response from you, but I’m not going to stop messaging you, tweeting you, making videos to you, e-mailing you, writing you, calling you.” She had a very simple question for the California governor: “What are you going to do for us Californians?”.

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