Chinese Missiles Could Wipe Out U.S. + Allied Pacific Bases in ‘Opening Hours of Conflict’ – Breitbart

This is what happens when you trade with enemies, folks.

Who has a “cold war mentality” now, China?

Check out that photo of the 100% all-Chinese army. No other races allowed.

US has already lost military superiority in Asia.

These are the real fruits of the fraud known as “globalization”. Hope Wall St. is happy.

Remember that – every time you buy more cheap Chinese junk @ Wal-Mart.

The Australians have every right to be worried – China’s ultimate end goal is to take both the US and Australia. China needs more space and is over-crowded, population-wise. It’s generals have even stated such.

“The United States Studies Center at the University of Sydney in Australia released a report on Monday that warned America has lost its military superiority in the Indo-Pacific region and Chinese missiles could wipe out its bases with “precision strikes in the opening hours of a conflict.”

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