Gaming the System to Fake Compliance with Work Verification Requirements – CIS

And the US govt will always look the other way.

Gaming the System to Fake Compliance with Work Verification Requirements

Print By Dan Cadman on August 20, 2019

“Just about as soon as the ICE raids on poultry agribusinesses in Mississippi (which netted hundreds of aliens working without authorization) were over, the affected employers began protesting with wide-eyed innocence that they couldn’t understand quite how this situation had come about since they had been using the government’s E-verify system to vet all of their employees.

Here’s the thing: The United States, by virtue of its openness and its robust market economy, is a nation awash in a sea of fraud. There’s mortgage loan fraud, student loan fraud, Social Security fraud, Medicare fraud, bank fraud, ad infinitum. You name it, fraud will be there, and that’s true no matter what safeguards are put into place. For every security regimen one human crafts, there will be another human seeking to cheat it or defeat it. Does that mean we should scrap such systems? Put that way, it sounds foolish, doesn’t it?”.

He forgot H-1B fraud, and India Inc looters with fake degrees from India stealing Silicon valley.

Mr. Cadman better have a look at Title 8, because according to Federal law, the US isn’t anywhere as near “open” as he or others think. In fact, US immigration laws for workers are very strict, and with tens of millions of Americans still unemployed, most foreign workers are inadmissible aliens.

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