Gov’t Delivers 100,000 Cheap Visa-Workers to Disney, Hilton, Tourist Industry, for Summer Work – Breitbart

It’s time for every America to boycott Disney until they are out of business.

Not only did Disney replace its American IT staff with illegal H-1Bs from India, but it has now replaced almost all its workers with foreign ones.

Time to boycott these traitors into oblivion.

Don’t go to their movies, don’t watch or buy Star Wars stuff, don’t go to their theme parks. Period.

“The scandal-plagued J-1 visa program annually imports 100,000 low-wage and low-tax seasonal workers for use by McDonald’s, Holiday Inn, Food Lion, Disney, and many other seasonal companies.

The huge shot of “Summer Work Travel” labor arrives each year to fill seasonal jobs in holiday resorts, hotels, and harvests, and it allows companies to reduce the recruitment of young Americans for seasonal jobs”.

The Slumdog Behind the Ethnic Cleansing of Americans At Disney

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