Invading job robbers whine they’re not making enough $

Guess driving Americans out of their jobs and into tents in the streets isn’t enough for Indians.

They think America is some golden cookie jar where everyone is rich and money just falls from the sky for nothing.

No one promised you anything when you invaded. If you want more $, work harder, and provide more value.

Guess she’s not making enough to remit back to India to buy a luxury high rise condo for her parents.

If you hadn’t oversupplied the labor force by invading, wages would be higher. If you hadn’t driven housing demand up unnaturally, expenses would be lower.

You people caused your own problems. Why not just fix your own country instead?

America only has 160 million jobs – and there are 450 million unemployed Indians such as yourself who want them.

India is going to have to start pulling its own weight in job creation.

Telugu, and Ahndra, BTW, are known for their corrupt, caste-minded, vicious people.

Viral video of Telugu student detailing her troubles in the US sparks social media debate

“Stating that she was disillusioned with the ‘American dream’, she outlined how many students had to clean toilets and work as babysitters to earn a living.

Stating that she was a B.Tech graduate, she neither revealed her name nor her location, but dropped the names of 2 universities in the video

“A frustrated US student. I’m that frustrated US student. Your B.Tech is done. You have spent a year doing nothing, sitting at home. You don’t know what to do. Everyone you know is going to America, so you also follow them here,” she says in the video.

“Silicon Valley! NPU!” she remarks, saying that universities like these assist Indian students to get a visa

Most Telugu students who pass out of American universities work in the computer and software sector in the US, or return home with their degrees to work in India.”.

Silicon Valley was built by Americans. It’s not our fault you can’t come here and build another Apple, the way you promised to when we let you in. If you can’t cut it here, leave. Success in America isn’t an easy free ride, the way you thought, hmmm? Well, if you can’t compete, then go back to India, as you yourself suggested.

Just more proof these losers are a drag on America, not “contributing to the US economy”. No wonder we have trouble with this parasite drag living off us.

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