Why won’t Spike Lee make a documentary on the racist India Incs?

Over on Breitbart:

Spike Lee on Trump: ‘Why Are We Still Asking Is This Guy a White Supremacist?’ — ‘It’s Not Even the Question’


Spike Lee sure is quick to describe Trump as a white supremacist, but where is his documentary on the racist India Inc mafia?

India Inc staffing companies are targetting white Americans for removal from the US workforce and are stealing top US tech companies from the Americans who created them.

It’s all-out racist Indian Nazism.

In America.

Where is Spike Lee on that racism?

He needs to make a full-length feature documentary on just how over-the-top racist Asians in America really are.

Unless you are a total hypocrite, Mr. Lee, your next film needs to be entitled The Indian Mafia.

Do you dare make it? Or will you keep hiding the truth?

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