Amazon inaugurates world’s largest campus in Hyderabad, India

Any American who is not furious with sellout Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is ignorant.

The largest AMZN campus in the world is now in Hyderabad, India.

15,000 more US tech jobs now just disappeared.

AMZN now employs over 62,000 workers in India.


US corporatons, their shareholders, and elites all profit from offshoring, yet the US and its workers are harmed in the process.

Why should US corporations be allowed to enjoy all the benefits of America – it’s legal system, protection, US military, infrastructure, capital, markets, customers, and all the other benefits dervied therefrom – but without giving anything back to the country that provides everything to them.

Is that fair or even morally right?


All corporations have an obligation to the country and its people where they exist.

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