Now Hiring: Highly Skilled Foreigners Need Not Apply

Well – all the invaders have been doing the same thing to the American workforce for decades.

It’s called justice. You reap what you sow, and now it’s justice time for American workers who did all the work to build America’s industries, then got thrown out with the trash by jealous foreign losers.

Parasite immigration lawyers sure are running scared.

“Could the answer to our struggling economy be that intending immigrants are deterred from coming to the U.S., due to the recent policies pushed forth by some of our Nation’s leaders? Or have intending immigrants realized that their intellectual value is better served in a country that uplifts their contributions rather than diminishes them based on their country of origin?”

Struggling economy?

Why is the US econ “struggling” when we’ve been importing tens of millions of these frauds for 20 years who were supposed to keep the once-booming US econ going?

US econ wasn’t “struggling” when Americans ran it 20 years ago. Looks like all the parasite looters haven’t performed as promised.

USA doesn’t tolerate non-performers.

Time to eject them all for not doing their jobs.

The only intentions of these parasites are a “die for dollars” remittance mentality which is siphoning the US.

US econ wasn’t “struggling” when American workers ran it 20 years ago.

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