Thousands of recent grads awaiting H-1B visas are losing their jobs

Boo hoo hoo – another immigrant (or non-immigrant) sob story.

They aren’t “their jobs” – they are America’s jobs, and America and its laws can decide whom does and does not get them.


Losing their jobs?

Tens of millions of American engineers have lost their jobs, gone homeless, and even died in the streets of America because of the 5 million foreign H-1B job robbers who have entered the US in the past 20 years.

And that doesn’t even count the L-1 visas – which the US gov’t doesn’t even track or keep a count of.

The number of foreign job robbers is in the tens of millions minimum.

No one guarantees you a job in America when you come to study here, or apply for an H-1B visa here.

You are a temporary guest, and can be ejected at any time.

H-1B is not an immigration visa, nor is it an “American Dream” visa. You are here as our guests, for very narrow, specific limited jobs, and you can be thrown out on the streets or into the trash at any instant – for any reason – by the US gov’t, or by the American people.

The US is not your cookie jar for the taking, and you have no rights here as the SCOTUS ruled years ago.

Stop the crying, go back to your own countries, and bulld something great there.

After all, you’re all smarter than we are, right?


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